Gap Semester Adventure Quest




Publications, Prints

The Gap Semester is an annual event that encourages Raffles Institution students to go on a learning journey outside of school, even abroad.

Darling Visual Communications was tasked to design Raffles Institution’s Gap Semester brand identity, which included a new logotype, colour palette and illustrations. We also created a promotional item to encourage them to write down their thoughts, take on various roles in the real world, and give them a narrative to create their quests.

The embossed map on the cover packaged the entire experience as one of discovery and travel. The brief came in perforated cards to be separated into individual playing cards enabling the instructions to be sorted thematically. Joker cards were included for students to fill in their own roles and play any hand. File dividers came with quotes to structure each section. The use of a folder allowed easy access for the students to arrange their own worksheets and any other material they wished, making it their own journal of an adventure quest.